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Light up the Blue Charity Run, Daen Sports and the Gudong West Lake Running Group join hands to care for children with autism

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At 19:30 on April 2, DONEN joined hands with the Gudong Hangzhou West Lake Running Group to run together for love! Starting from the West Lake Broken Bridge, passing through Baidi and Beishan Street, and returning to the end of the Broken Bridge, the whole journey is 4km in total. Liu Chenglong, general manager of Daen Sports Marketing Department, together with runners, lit blue lights for "Children of the Stars", reflecting the dark and lonely night sky, conveying warmth and hope to children with autism, so that more people can understand and pay attention to this group special elves.


April 2, 2017 is the tenth "World Day for Raising Loneliness Awareness" determined by the United Nations.

Since 2008, April 2 every year has been designated as "World Autism Awareness Day" (World Autism Awareness Day). clear growth trend. The increasing number of social problems caused by loneliness and autism has caused many families to bear undue and enormous mental and life pressure.


Please understand their "incompatibility", put away their strange eyes, and give them more care.

Due to the unknown cause of the disease, the high cost of training, and the incurable life-long incurability, their families are overwhelmed, there is no school at school age, and there is no unit to accept when they reach adulthood. The society needs to understand and appeal to more society Funding and national policy support.


There is a form of public welfare called Running Together, which is a method of publicity and appeal + physical exercise. Among the many education and training methods, physical exercise is the most important way to strengthen the body and fight against mental stress. Running (physical exercise) is the most important way. Sports that are simple, most effective, lowest cost, and least restricted by venues have been endowed with a new social connotation in the Internet age. People hope to meet more friends through running, and get praise, help, recognition, motivation and other richer sports. Spiritual enjoyment. DONEN hopes to organize online and offline running together with the running group to help children with autism try to eliminate communication barriers, truly understand them, approach them, and support them to integrate into the big family of society.


When the blue fluorescence is accompanied by the "Light Up Blue" public welfare joint running flag, the pedestrians and tourists in the entire West Lake are infected with the warmth of the runners. Every step the runners take is to push their friends around them and give a love to children with autism.


If you have "Children of the Stars", don't be afraid, please come to us and let your children feel inclusive and warm; if you want to know about "Children of the Stars", please join us and collect every piece A faint light illuminates the way forward for these children.



In line with the development concept of "Deliver the World, Benefit All Beings", DONEN actively implements the relevant industrial development plans of the party and the state, studies social needs, and actively plans the development direction of the enterprise. In the process, we insist on using environmentally friendly materials, vigorously promote environmentally friendly products, help the vigorous development of the bicycle business, and drive more people to join the big family of energy saving, emission reduction, and green environmental protection, so as to fulfill social responsibilities, deepen the industry culture, and promote the industry. continuous development.

Since its inception, DONEN has been actively involved in social welfare undertakings, helping many left-behind children in Gansu and other places to achieve their dreams of entering the classroom, rekindling the hope of a happy family; continuing to pay attention to Paralympic players and sponsoring disabled persons in Hebei Province for a long time Sports teams; as of 2016, the cumulative donation of materials and materials is about 260,000 yuan.

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